2020: A year full of excuses!

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Please don’t get me wrong. This was one of the most unpredictable, unprecedented, and disturbing years in the course of history. Nobody can argue that. What I can argue, however, is that 2020 has been a year when radical change and unpredictability were used as an excuse by the vast majority of the people.

Before the beginning of the article, I would like to clarify that this is in no way linked to the tragic events of the year which had come to an end. If you were in any way affected by such events you shouldn’t be reading this article. This article is dedicated to the people who weren’t directly affected by the tragic events but still wanted to make a great deal of the constant change of their habits; something that they couldn’t control.

We all have heard 1000 times how bad 2020 is, how bad everyone needs 2021, or how this has been a dark year. I agree. It has been a dark year because more than 1.7 million people have died from COVID-19. It hasn’t been a dark year concerning our habits and productivity; the whole year has made clear the significance of the word perspective. Let me explain.

Unless you have witnessed a tragic event for you and your family, or you have dealt with mental health issues, all I can say is that this year has been dark because it took you out of your comfort zone and you aren’t, probably, one of the people who can easily adapt to new conditions. So you make excuses.

I do not have an issue with that. What I have an issue with is the fact that you make it such a big deal whereas there were people who lost their beloved ones and they managed to pull through. People were dealing with mental health issues and they overcame them. Now, what’s your excuse?

This was the year that taught us the importance of perspectives; the different points of view that people might have for the same conditions. Let’s take, for instance, quarantine. More than half of the world’s population had to stay in quarantine for more than one month. No one said that this wasn’t a big change and by far the most unpredictable event of 2020; this major change of habits is the common variable of the situation.

What’s not common, however, is the way people can adapt to this change of events. The ones who don’t like or don’t want to use excuses would use the extra-time and savings for investing in themselves and become more productive at the comfort of their homes. The ones that were more interested in using excuses would stay in front of their computer or the TV, watching their favorite show on Netflix and blaming the pandemic since they cannot continue their lives as they did before.

The first group saw quarantine as a way of being more productive and the second group saw quarantine as a way of watching FRIENDS for the 23rd time in a row. And once again, no animosity or problem for each of the cases provided that there are no complaints about the current situation, since it’s the choice of these people to be productive or not.

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The same notion applied to Mondays. Some people don’t like Mondays and view them as a bad day that work needs to be done after the happy days of the weekend and some people see Mondays as the beginning of a new week and the time to be productive, after ‘recharging’ in the two previous days. Both cases are perfectly fine if no one tries to make excuses since it’s in every person’s hand to either become better or stay the same.

No one can get results while using excuses and everyone understands that 2020 was a hard year but there’s still too much time and opportunity for improvement. Nothing will change in 2021 and you will stay the same whatever the year is, provided that you are using the radical changes in your habits as a way of preventing you from getting better every day.

Thankfully, we live in a free world and the people this article talks about can do whatever they want. I don’t have an issue with people not being productive but I have an issue with hearing people always making excuses for their choices whereas others have managed to push forward after tragic and scary events.

Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to fail. Try to get better every single day since every one of you is blessed.

If you are dealing with any mental or physical health issues please get help. Embrace positivity. Try to use every situation to your advantage and after all, please be reminded that progress is a choice.

You cannot change the unpredictability of events in the world. You can change the energy you use and the way you adapt to the different conditions.

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An 18-year old future Political Science student, fascinated by the world of Global Politics, International Economics and Human Development.

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