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Historiography, Political Criticism, Provocative Advice, Global Issues

Professional Bio

Experienced Freelance Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. Skilled in Communication, English, Training, Research, and Human Resources. Strong media and communication professional studying at McGill University, Bachelor of Arts — BA focused in Political Science and Government, History.

In order to see my complete professional portfolio and my experience in the world of creative and content writing, click here.

Personal Bio

Now that we finished with the professional stuff and the LinkedIn introductory bio, welcome to my page!

My name is Ioannis (John), and I am a certified narcissist and procrastinator.

I’ve been writing for one year, and I am more than happy to haven’t received the recognition I deserve yet, since this pushes me x1000 times to work harder.

My content is diversified, with a significant number of articles with political, humanitarian, historical, and economic analysis, while I also expand to issues of education, advice for self-improvement, and marketing strategies.

Below you will find most of my articles categorized and separated based on their popularity, personal choice, and topic covered. Enjoy!

Best Political Articles

Best History Articles

Best Philosophy Articles

Best Economics Articles

Best Indigenous Articles

Best Environmental Articles

Best Self-Improvement Articles

18-year-old fanatic for history and politics; also writing about economics, environment, self-improvement, and health.

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