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Experienced Freelance Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the online media industry. Skilled in Communication, English, Training, Research, and Human Resources. Strong media and communication professional studying at McGill University, Bachelor of Arts — BA focused in Political Science and Government, History.

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Now that we finished with the professional stuff and the LinkedIn introductory bio, welcome to my page!

My name is Ioannis (John), and I am a certified narcissist and procrastinator.

I’ve been writing for one…

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The city of Sparta is considered by many historical figures the most powerful polis in ancient Greece, with its brave people and strict laws separating the Lacedaemonians from other cities, contributing to the victories in the Persian (499–449BC) and the Peloponnesian wars (431–404BC). Nevertheless, this wasn’t the only distinctive element of the Spartans since their gender balance and their focus on the involvement of women would be a feature only found in Sparta.

The superiority of men was established in all Greek societies but the scale of it in Sparta wasn’t that much of an obstacle to female involvement. Spartan…

The most important event in modern Russian history through Western and Soviet interpretations

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The Russian Revolution was the basis for one of the most powerful political ideologies developed throughout the course of history; the more radical view of socialism, communism. It had been a theory since Karl Marx presented the idea in the mid-19th century but it had never been applied until the end of the Revolution in the Russian Empire and the establishment of the Bolsheviks as the ruling party, in June 1923.

This article identifies and evaluates the different interpretations and views on the contemporary debate, which aims at answering the question of whether the Russian Revolution of 1917 was the…

A degree isn’t the only way to make a name for yourself

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Let’s face it: Nowadays, most content writers adopt the title of the copywriter.

And I totally get it. The road to success requires a great sense of professionalism, even if that means claiming to be someone you aren’t, or you don’t have a diploma to prove it.

The world is a market, and I support the writer trying to add value to his name, even if that means that he is a self-proclaimed copywriter.

Nonetheless, although you might haven’t studied journalism, you must possess the skills of a copywriter, even if you are the one that has baptized your own…

Constantine’s Conversion wasn’t only a religious matter

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The Emperor Constantine I was also known as Constantine the Great; even though he came in power at a later age when the empire had been developed due to previous emperors, he still made crucial changes that are honored up until this day.

By the third century AD, Constantine found an empire that was fractured into different regions. Still, he was able to militarily defeat all the people advocating these fractures in the kingdom.

After this change, he relocated the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome to Byzantium, which he renamed Constantinople.

It’s not education status. It’s not experience. It’s not promises

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I have said it multiple times, and I will repeat it: The market is dirty.

You will see people claiming titles when they know that they aren’t no HR Consultants or are no Digital Marketing Strategists. The worst part is that you will also fall into that trap.

Let’s face it: applying with the title of the undergraduate student next to your name will bring you another step closer to rejection. And don’t get it twisted. I am with you on this one.

As I mentioned in some of my articles, I am more than willing to accept that you…

Warning: Don’t Read If You Are Still Not Over It

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Look, I started as a political writer. And I get it. Seeing my profile, you would never believe that I would write an article about relationships and breakups.

Believe me, it’s Medium’s fault. Not mine. Medium has changed me (*laughs*). Medium has given me the platform to form an opinion, even for issues that I wasn’t really interested in writing about.

After a lot of thought and having dreams that MLK and JFK told me to never deviate from my original historical-political niche, I decided that, sadly, I will.

For once, I would like to do the typical relationship article.

“The Conquest Was Only Feasible After the Epidemic Spread”

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The 15th century wasn’t only when the vast majority of the Europeans understood that there were new territories on the other side of the Atlantic. It was the time to establish the trade network and connection between the Europeans and the indigenous people.

When the indigenous provided goods, crops, mineral wealth, words and medicines, for the settlers of Europe, the latter would respond with the provision of livestock, humans, plants, ideas for the former.

This system was called the Columbian Exchange

Although there have been many interpretations for the impact of the system and whether the Columbian Exchange played a negative or positive role in the future…

How Canada Deviated from Both the British and the American Systems?

Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

Since the beginning of the 20th Century, America has made a strong case for getting the title of “the best nation in the history of the world.” Nonetheless, the influence of the self-proclaimed “greatest nation” has not surpassed the borders in the North. Canada has been unique, and that is why people love Canada.

I am Canadian, and I can reassure you that there is a clear distinction between Canada and the United States, and this article points out the political and historical aspects. …

Brainwashing Through Temporarily Successful Economic Policies

Picture from https://wallpaperaccess.com/fidel-castro

There have been thousands of historical accounts that have shown Castro’s ability to overturn the Fascist government of Batista and dramatically improve the lives of the Cuban people from the 1960s and onwards.

And I get it. Although he advocated for a more central agenda while he did not have the government, the Americans would withdraw the resources and leave the Batista government unprotected; he was a communist in the heart.

This is fine, considering that he had to protect and help the people of the lower classes. A notion that is far from being fine is that this was…

Ioannis Dedes

18-year-old fanatic for history and politics; also writing about economics, environment, self-improvement, and health.

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